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Digital Learner

Learning how to use computers and other technology can be overwhelming if you are just getting started! That's why we have put together all the resources you will need to learn step by step and practice along the way.

Please reach out to us if you would like help proceeding. Call 816.701.3606 or email or fill out this form. 

First, let's see what you already know by taking a couple of pre-tests. Click Northstar below to select a topic. 

Remember to print or save your assessment results to help you through the next steps!

Northstar digital literacy assessment

Which Northstar pretest did you complete? Select the learning resources from the list below that matches the pretest you took. Based on your pretest results page, look at the skills or standards you need to practice to find learning materials and practice sheets.

basic computer skills
Using email
Internet basics
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Social Media
Windows 10
Microsoft Excel
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