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Discovery Mentor

If your tech skillset is more advanced, consider joining us as a Discovery Mentor!

Thanks to a partnership with LaunchCode KC, we provide equipment and internet access for patrons to pursue LaunchCode's intro-level Discovery course. It is a free, online, self-paced course that provides an opportunity to explore and pursue a career in tech.

Launchcode Discovery

In addition to equipment and internet access, Tech Access recruits and trains individuals like you to mentor Discovery learners throughout the course. As a mentor, you are available to answer questions, work through portions of the course together, and simply cheer on your learner to keep them motivated! Mentorship sessions can take place virtually or in-person. 

Not sure if you're qualified? See the mentor training content here for more information.  

Mentor Training Presentation

Mentor training presentation

Mentor Training Video

Learn more and get started!
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