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3 Easy Steps to a Better Career

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

3 easy steps to a better career

Are you looking for a way to improve your career options? If you have not yet received your high school diploma, the Kansas City Public Library has a great opportunity for you to achieve this while also gaining some real-world career training through a highly flexible and supportive online education program. And, it’s all as free as your library card!

Career Online High School (COHS) provides a chance to earn a high school diploma online and is sponsored by the Kansas City Public Library, Mid-Continent Public Library,Literacy Kansas City. Adults, age 19 and older, in the Kansas City metro area are eligible to enroll and can earn a fully accredited high school diploma and career certificate at no charge!

Unlike a GED, you will graduate with your high school diploma and a certificate in a career track of your choosing. These include: Child Care and Education, Commercial Driving, Food and Hospitality, General Career Preparation, Home Care Professional, Hospitality and Leisure, Office Management, Retail Customer Service, and Security Professional.

Curriculum is available 24/7 online so no significant changes had to be made to accommodate student progress during the recent pandemic-related shut down.

The Library can also help with device lending and connectivity if needed. Most graduates of the program finish in about 12 months but students have up to 18 months to complete all the coursework. COHS is self-paced making it flexible enough for you to maintain additional responsibilities like a job or family.

As a bonus, if you have already completed some high school credits or GED courses you can submit them to COHS and apply them towards your diploma and certificate! The Library has over 50 scholarships available to applicants who show a willingness and ability to dedicate ten hours a week to coursework.

If you think this might be YOU, take these 3 easy steps to start your new career:

  • Graduate ready for work in the career of your choice!


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