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TechConnect Navigators

Now more than ever, our neighbors and community members need access to resources they need to use technology in daily life. A majority of us have internet at home, a laptop or desktop computer of our own, and the skills and confidence to use these tools for everyday tasks. But an estimated 20% of Kansas City households are missing one or more of these resources, pitting them against challenges, especially as we work remotely, adjust to online schooling, and more. 

Kansas City Public Library continues to lead innovative solutions for bridging KC's digital divide with its new TechConnect Hotline service. Anyone in the greater KC metro area  can call or text our number to ask questions related to getting affordable digital resources. 

Call Center Headset
Call Center

As you answer calls or texts through our web-based call center software (no downloads or phone service required!), simply gather some basic information from your caller and enter it into our navigator database.  

We have all the tools, training, and support to help you help the disconnected 20%! Build your own schedule and volunteer from home, or anywhere you have a computer and internet connection.

Learn more and see if this is the opportunity for you.

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